Florida Life Insurance

Individual Life Insurance
Whole life Insurance gives lifelong coverage and provides extra support during retirement. Although Term Life Insurance covers you for a shorter period, it cheaper and simpler. After the primary insured is gone, the beneficiaries can use the proceeds from either policy type to cover the cost of a funeral, mortgage payments and other expenses. 
Group  Life Insurance
Group Life Insurance can provide a valuable employee benefit to help you attract and retain quality employees. Not only will you build a better company through better benefits, the premiums you pay for your employees are generally tax deductible as a business expense.
For employee groups of five or more we have a number of plans to choose from and you can choose from a variety of benefit amounts. Hollister Insurance will be glad to help you design a plan to protect your most valuable asset- your employees.
Business Life Insurance
If something happened to you or a key employee, it could be detrimental to your business and your family. Without proper planning, your business could suffer financial hardship or have to be sold to outside parties. To avoid these situations, consider a Buy-Sell Agreement as well as Key Employee insurance.
Help attract and retain employees by using fringe benefits such as Executive Bonus, Split Dollar Plans and Deferred Compensation Plans as key employee incentives. You you can select which employees receive the benefits and which type of benefit they receive.
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